Etheroll Guide – A Detailed Guide To The First Ethereum Casino!

If you are searching for a provably fair and transparent dice gaming DAap which lets you place bets on the outcome of a 100-sided dice roll without having to make any deposits or create an account, using Ethereum, look no further than Etheroll!

Etheroll is a decentralized casino website that allows you to place real money bets and win Ethereum through its dice roll game. This platform offers only one type of game, referred to as dice roll, and you’ll have to correctly predict the outcome of a 100-sided dice roll in order to win. The game’s code uses a smart contract found within the Ethereum blockchain, which allows for transparency and accountability as opposed to the traditional gaming.

The immutable and decentralized nature of the smart contract layer ensures that you can place your bet with a 100% confidence that all your funds and personal information cannot be seen by any third party (including the casino), or prone to risk of theft or mismanagement by the Etheroll smart contract unlike the typical online casino platform!

Provably Fair Gaming

In a few words, Provably Fair is a tool which lets you and the Ethereum Casino to randomize the result of the bet or game. Additionally, it also lets you to independently authenticate the fairness of each bet placed at any one time.

Since all the transactions between the house and the player are being conducted online, you can easily validate the outcome of the bet with a simple click; by entering the details of the bet on a verification page and confirm that indeed the result of the game was indeed fair and the combinations generated were totally random.

Perfect Timing

The timing for Etheroll as it enters the crypto-casino industry couldn’t be better, bringing with it the much awaited, fully fledged traditional dice casino experience to Ethereum users. As far as crypto-casinos and gambling are concerned, Dice games are by far the most popular, and it’s mostly because the games are provably fair and that players can choose their own odds. Using the platforms unique web-based UI, you can easily set your own odds as high as 98% or as low as 1%. The only disadvantage is that Etheroll doesn’t offer any Faucets to its players!

Etheroll FAQs

What is a DAap?

DAap is an acronym for decentralized application. It’s a backend code that runs on a decentralized peer to peer network as opposed to the normal mobile application where the backend code runs on centralized servers.

How do I play on the Etheroll platform?

Deposit Ethereum to your account; select the game; enter your bet amount; adjust the slider to change the number and percentage chance of winning and select the ‘Roll’ option to play. The platform will randomly generate a lucky number between 1 and 100, and if it’s less than your specified number (the one that adjusted using the slider), you win.

What is the expected prize?

The amount that you will be rewarded is normally calculated by the bet amount × the game’s payout. However, all the winnings are capped at a maximum of 125 ETH

How do I make a deposit on the platform?

The depositing process is much similar to making a payment on any Ethereum based platform. Follow the steps below to successfully make your initial deposit.

  • Create your Ethereum wallet
  • Deposit some Ethereum in it by purchasing it from reliable Ethereum exchange platforms
  • Copy the link to your wallet
  • Enter the amount you want to deposit at Etheroll
  • Paste the link of the wallet on the platform and wait for confirmation that the transaction is successful

It’s worth mentioning that you might have to wait for up to 1 minute until you can see your Ethereum in your account. The casino has to perform several confirmations before they credit your account. If after the one minute you still can’t see any amount in your account, please contact the customer support team through

Does the deposit automatically guarantee me a Dice token?

No, it doesn’t! Deposits are only meant to facilitate your gaming experience at the casino. In the normal casino, it would be the regular cash deposit that you make in order to play. On the other hand, you can compare Dice Tokens to shares in the ordinary casino. Once you purchase the dice tokens, you’ll be able to get your fair share of the profit generated by the platform.

Where can I buy the Dice tokens?

You can only purchase Dice tokens at IDEX, HitBTC and EtherDelta exchange. It’s worth mentioning that there’s a fixed supply for the tokens, which is set at 7,001,622.64. Also, you have to claim your rewards every time they are paid out. Failure to do this will see the platform return and redistribute your rewards into the community bankroll

Any bonuses or offers for first timers?

Unfortunately, Etheroll doesn’t have any form of bonuses or promotional offers for new and returning players. If one of your main objective is to find a site that offers bonuses and other promotions, we highly recommend you to visit any of the following sites: RedStar Casino, Yoyo Casino; Omni Slots or Loki Casino.

Can I recover my password or login details?

As already mentioned, Etheroll doesn’t ask for your email during registration, which makes it hard for you to reset your password automatically. However, you can always email the customer support team to help you restore your account, but you’ll have to prove that you are the true owner of the account by providing evidence of the original address of the first deposit. You can do this with a message through your Ethereum client.

What is the procedure for withdrawing funds?

You can withdraw funds from your Etheroll account anytime, but the procedure depends on the amount you wish to cash out.

  • Any withdrawal with amount less than 50 ETH per day is released automatically
  • Any withdrawal request exceeding 50 ETH could be delayed up to a maximum of 48 hours for a security check

What is a Faucet?

A faucet is a feature that enables you to get some cryptocurrencies and play some of the games offered for free. The main purpose of the faucet is to test the game(s) offered at the casino with zero risks prior to depositing. Unfortunately, Etheroll is yet to start offering its players with any form of Faucets, though we are expecting to see this feature soon, given the number of players signing up at the casino.

Can I Request A Refund?

Unfortunately, you cannot request for a refund after placing a bet at the casino. Etheroll assumes that since all the results are provably fair and totally random, all the bets are final.