How Dash Is Impacting The Online Casino Industry

Dash is a very unique cryptocurrency and in my opinion, it’s far underrated especially when compared to other popularized cryptocurrencies. Nonetheless, you can still use it to make payments at online casinos accepting cryptocurrencies, though very few online casinos accept it as a payment method.

I regard it as one of the best payment methods and I highly recommend it to any bettor because of its speed and security features, which suit online casino players greatly.

You see, Bitcoin might be the first cryptocurrency to be developed but it had so many flaws that forced the other cryptocurrencies to be developed in a bid to try and fix them. One of this problems is the occasionally slow transaction times, a factor that gave Evan Duffield, the founder of Dash, an idea of developing a cryptocurrency that was going to address this shortcoming.

On their website, the Dash developers envision it to having an estimate transaction time of not more than 4 seconds. This when compared to Bitcoin’s 10 minutes block time is seen to many as a great achievement.

In gambling, fast transaction times are very important and crucial because they enable you to play and cash out faster. If for example you are waiting for 4-6 blockchain confirmations, as seen in most Bitcoin Casinos, it can take you more than an hour before you get your winnings. However with Dash, you can gamble and take your money with you within the shortest time possible.

Dash Casinos – Different Types & Best Dash Casinos For 2018

Over the past few years, cryptocurrency gambling has seen a sizeable growth in popularity in Europe and the whole world at large. Cryptocurrencies such as Dash are quickly becoming the preferred choice of currency at online casino websites for more and more bettors.

There are two types of online casinos that accept Dash:

  • Hybrid Casinos: Those that accept Dash alongside other conventional currencies such as the pound, Euro, US Dollar etc.
  • Dash Casinos: These ones only accept Dash and no conventional currencies


As the number of online casino websites continues to increase, so is the number of the hybrid casinos as the already established sites add Dash to their list of accepted banking methods so as to attract Dash gamblers.

The list of online casino websites that accept Dash as a payment method is shallow, in fact, there’s none that purely supports this, though we expect a few sites to pop up in the near future as the price of Dash continues to grow and its popularity continues to increase.

Top Dash Casinos for 2018

Fortune Jack Casino: With a unique approach to gambling and seamless gambling experience across multiple platforms, Fortune Jack Casino has embraced Dash as a viable banking option, and with other cryptocurrencies on offer, it’s allowing bettors to choose from a wide variety when it comes to financial transactions. The casino also has the provably fair system which allows you to see for yourself if you are getting fair game results.

With a welcome bonus package that entails of 5BTC + 250 free spins, a user friendly experience and certification from top security bodies such as GODADDY, McAfee and Curacao, the casino has earned it’s spot in the top dash casinos for 2018.

BetCoin Casino: Dash live blackjack, baccarat, roulette and spectacular 3D video slot games with massive Dash progressive jackpots are some of the things that should make you sign up at the casino. BetCoin Casino is just one of the few casinos that has integrated this cryptocurrency into its banking option and gives you a 100% match deposit bonus on your first deposit, followed by a 50% second and 25% third match deposit bonuses.

1×Bit Casino: Anytime we write a review on cryptocurrencies, we always have to mention 1×Bit Casino – a website that supports multiple cryptocurrencies including Dash. We’ve already mentioned so many things that we like about this casino previously and we won’t bother repeating them here, though we’d also like to mention their interactive and realistic TV games, which bring all the exhilaration and fun straight to you! We’ve tried a number of TV games at other online casinos but it’s at 1×Bit Casino that we enjoyed playing the most!

Play TV Games at 1×Bit Casino Here

Reasons you should choose Dash for all your gambling needs in 2018

Dash is fast become one of the most preferred choice of currency for most bettors online. This is because despite being the sixth largest cryptocurrency online, it offers a lot of benefits and it’s in numerous ways a lot more convenient that the typical forms of currency.

Fast and Speedy: One of the main reasons why more and more people are choosing Dash is because of their significantly faster withdrawal times. With the conventional currencies, once you request a withdrawal from your account, it has to be processed for several days before it can finally reach your credit/debit card or even longer if you happen to be using bank transfer or a cheque. Even for eWallets, you still have to wait for hours.

But with Dash, withdrawals take a few minutes to be processed and your funds made available on your Dash wallet. This has been made possible by the fact that Dash withdrawals don’t go through the banking systems like the withdrawals that you make through the conventional methods.

Transaction Fees: Just like other cryptocurrencies, Dash transaction fees are minimal and very rare compared to other payment systems; in fact, the fees you pay are only meant to speed up the transactions, so it’s perfectly possible that you can use Dash without paying any fees provided you don’t mind waiting for a little longer.

Privacy: The privacy offered by Dash is something that appeals to most gamblers. Since there are no third parties involved, no bank or financial body that will receive your financial or personal information. All Dash transactions are entirely anonymous, so you can easily make as many deposits and withdrawals from an online casino without leaving any trace of your identity.

3 easy to follow steps to get you into the action using Dash

Using Dash at a Dash friendly online casino is very straightforward. Follow the steps below and you’ll be on your way to play some of the exciting, provably fair casino games online.

  1. Get yourself a Dash wallets – create your dash wallet for free. The wallet enables you to store your Dash coins and have access to them whenever you need them
  2. Purchase your Dash coins – You can easily do this online by using your credit/debit card or bank account and have them sent to your Dash wallet
  3. Deposit into your account and start playing – Sign up at one of the Dash friendly casinos, sign in and click on the deposit button; select Dash as your preferred method and copy the address; log into your Dash wallet and paste this address and confirm to complete the transaction.

The Future of Dash

A funding model and working governance gives makes the marketplace a thriving ground for Dash. As Maxwell says, however, a zero-sum industry doesn’t exist. As cryptocurrencies continue becoming mainstream, there are many other currencies bound to appear in future. Some will survive the tide while others will bow out of the race. Now is not the good time to grow narrow-minded and chest thump that Dash will survive. A rising tide lifts all boats!