and All Football App Announce Strategic Partnership

The online gambling landscape is always changing and evolving with competition being the main driving factor behind all the changes. Over the years, we have seen large casinos and sports betting companies use many different strategies to win over the players and one of the largest Bitcoin betting platforms has just made a move that will secure them a significant influx of brand new players.

On June 20th, has announced its partnership with the All Football App which will have the bookie accepting wagers in SOC Coin, the app’s official alt coin. So far, SOC Coin was used by app users within All Football and could be won or purchased in the app’s store. Now, users will be able to use their accumulated coins to make real bets with a proper bookmaker.

A Leading Football App

All Football has been one of the leading football stats apps for some years now, boasting an international audience of well over 5.000.000 users. The app recently announced that football superstars Eden Hazard and Sergio Aguero would be joining their company as brand ambassadors, which clearly goes to show what a massive company we are talking about.

All Football is clearly in a phase where growth is the name of the game and the partnership with is one that will be equally beneficial to both the app and the popular alt coin sportsbook. All Football continues to climb the ranks of the most popular sports apps, ranking top 10 in its category in dozens of different countries.

Crypto Betting as the Future

Crypto currencies have certainly made many things easier, and online gambling is one of those things. With more and more bookies accepting crypto currencies, players from all parts of the world now have an easy way to place wagers without being restrained by their governments, banks or other factors.

The fact that cryptos are accessible to just about anyone has made crypto gambling extremely popular and has allowed operators such as to grow fast and acquire millions of players virtually overnight. made a name for itself during the 2018 World Cup in Russia when the bookie truly made a push for market share by offering many unique elements such as their Twitch based show “Your Road to Glory” and their  “World Cup Centre”.

The bookie is now looking to expand even further and the strategic partnership with All Football is set to put them on the map even more than before. Once the deal is fully in place, All Football users will be able to use their SOC Coins to place real money wagers with which offers hundreds of sports events that users can bet on a daily bases.

This way, all users of All Football will be able to place wagers via a safe and reliable sports betting platform without having to worry about local regulations, payment methods and all the other unnecessary concerns. A simple purchase of SOC Coins in the All Football store will be all it takes to start making real money wagers from now on.