Provably Fair Poker

In spite of the advancements in technology, many people are doubtful of putting their trust in a computer program. Win or lose, players want to know that they are playing on the element of chance and not results shaped to ensure that the house wins.

Provably Fair – The New Game-Changer

There is no need to rely on gambling commissions or other regulatory bodies because players now have a reliable means of double-checking if the Random Number generator worked as it was supposed to.

Provably fair gaming utilizes a cryptographic algorithm to predetermine randomness. The process creates a random result by combining your own personal key (the client seed) and a key owned by the host (server seed). The server seed is encrypted, so the player cannot view it. In the same way, the client seed is private to you, and the casino does not have access either. That is why with provably fair Poker, neither the player nor the casino can manipulate the outcome of each hand.

Playing Provably Fair Poker

Provably Fair and the BTC Casino world go hand in hand. It is based on the Blockchain technology so they work better with Bitcoin casinos than with fiat-based ones. Different game developers take different approaches when applying the technology to their games, but the main concept is always similar.

  • The host generates a deck of cards.
  • You shuffle the deck, and each card is encrypted with your client seed
  • You are then dealt a face-down card from the final deck. Remember that these cards are still encrypted, so the operator has no way of knowing the card a player gets.

For multiple players, the final deck of cards will have been shuffled and encrypted by all players from their own devices. The players communicate their keys to one another to decrypt the cards they are dealt. As for the flop, turn, and river, all players show their respective keys.

Check Results

  • At the end of the game, Open the provably fair tab on the game menu. The host key will have been revealed to you at this point.
  • Here you will be prompted to input the seeds and verify the outcome.
  • In the testing window, you are looking for the ‘Hash(Result + Secret)’ to equal the ‘Result + Secret’ once decrypted.

If still in doubt, you are free to check the results on an independent testing platform. We recommend

  • Pick the SHA-256 algorithm
  • Then enter the Hash(Result + Secret) code in the ‘input data’ field
  • Finally, click ‘Generate’. Check that the output is identical to the result on the casino site. If it is a match, then there was fair play. If the results differ, it signifies foul play.

Advantages Of Playing The Provably Fair Way

As a casino enthusiast, you hear of provably fair gaming every so often. This is because cryptocurrency, Bitcoin especially, has become prominent in the past couple of years. The reasons for the crypto revolution are the fundamentals of the blockchain concept. It has opened doors to solving problems that have existed for years in the online gambling world.

Proof of Solvency (PoS)

Proof of Solvency is one of the most important aspects of casino blockchain technology. It is quite common for online operators to advertise massive jackpot prizes to players when, in fact, they do not have the resources to pay out such winnings. Through the blockchain, they can prove to the public that they have enough funds to settle any eventual winners.

Poker Without Boundaries

Provably fair allows players to join an online casino irrespective of their geographical location. These games are not bound by strict regulations because they dwell solely in cyberspace with no ties to physical entities. Players from countries where online gambling is restricted are the greatest benefactors. With the provably fair system, they can gamble anonymously.

Swift Withdrawals

Besides transparency, provably fair Bitcoin casinos are gaining traction among iGamers because of the speed of withdrawals. The standard online casino has had issues with slow payouts since inception. Players dread the thought of processing withdrawals, especially when a bulky sum is involved. At probably fair Bitcoin casinos, withdrawals are a piece of cake; they are processed within a few minutes, and your wallet is credited just as quickly.


Provable and Fair are two words that have been overused in the gambling industry. Unfortunately, they have only been marketing strategies to attract customers. With the crypto scene gaining ground, people are beginning to understand what the term Provably Fair truly represents. Provably fair Poker is the safest option to gamble for both seasoned and inexperienced players. Fair Poker is fun Poker.

FAQs about provably fair Poker

Are provably fair games popular?

Provably fair games are not as popular as the standard casino games yet. However, these games are continuously in high demand. Their major selling point is the transparency and fairness that they guarantee players.

Do fiat-based casinos use provably fair technology?

Nothing prevents fiat-based online casinos from including provably fair games, but at the moment, the technology is rather non-existent on these casino sites. Besides, certain blockchain applications are especially suited to the crypto platform.

How do I fund my account?

Provably fair games run on crypto gambling sites, so you will have to fund your account using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, or other cryptocurrencies. For instance, at a Bitcoin casino, you can easily do this by opening a Bitcoin wallet. Then, buy Bitcoin from a cryptocurrency exchange and start playing.

Does mBit casino offer provably fair poker games?

Yes, you can find different poker table variants at mBit casino. Their provably fair poker games attract players due to the potentially low house edge.

Can I try probably fair Poker for free?

Many casinos using the provably fair technology let both old and new players try out their games for free. The casino gives you free chips so you can play in demo mode to test the game before playing for real money.