Provably Fair Roulette

Roulette is the classic casino pastime for both the old and new generation of casino players. It requires a bit of strategy, but Roulette is largely a game of chance because you are betting on where you think the spin ball will land. In a land-based or live casino, you can see how the game plays out by following the movement of the ball with your eyes. The online casino, however, is automated, and instead of a croupier, the roulette wheel is controlled by a computer program. How then can players be sure that the casino doesn’t manipulate outcomes? Provably Fair technology is the answer to that.

Provably Fair – The Latest Fairness Assurance Technology

Provably fair is a system developed on Blockchain technology to ensure transparency in casino games. It guarantees fair play, anti-cheating, and accountability on the part of casino operators. It ensures that the spin ball’s roll happens as it would in a live setting, randomly. These casinos use a special cryptographic method where no party can know the result of a game before it starts.

Scam casinos would cheat players out of their money by manipulating the outcome based on the bet placed. The mathematics of the cryptographic hash algorithm produces a chain of predetermined results that are randomly distributed. Not only the current but also future results are already set irrespective of whichever bet you place. This means that no form of tampering can go unnoticed.

How The Provably Fair Roulette Wheel Works

A computer model of the wheel is made as a list of tiles, in order of appearance. A pseudorandom number generator is used to decide where the roulette wheel will stop, and there are three factors at play;

  1. The server seed – The ‘Result’ and a random number called ‘Secret.’
  2. The server hash – It is displayed as Hash(Result + Secret) and is the fingerprint of the server seed.
  3. The client seed – The player’s personal input. For Roulette, it is a chance to include an extra spin to the wheel.

The casino randomly chooses a number for you, but you can also select the number from 0 to 36. The server seed is hidden within the server hash and is revealed at the end of the spin. A pair of server seed and client seed is used to generate a lucky number.

Check Results

Now, it is time to discover if the outcome was fair or not.

  • Open the provability icon on the game menu
  • Click on the last bet you made to access the server seed and client seed
  • Input the seeds in their respective fields.
  • Then, click ‘Submit’ to verify that the output is the same as the one generated before the spin.

You can further control that your bet was not tampered with through a renowned third-party tester like

  • Open the website on your web browser
  • Copy the server hash from the casino site and paste it in the specified field
  • The algorithm is the most important factor because that is what deciphers the encryption. Select SHA-256 from the options available.
  • Finally, tap on ‘Generate’ and cross-check that the output is the same as the one determined by the casino.

Advantages Of Playing The Provably Fair Way

Transparent Gaming

Players previously had to trust the casino that they chose and believe that they are safe at the site. We could say that provably fair has eliminated the element of trust because players can view the public ledger of the casino in the Blockchain. These casinos also disclose the RNGs they use and how their algorithms work.

Zero Transaction Fees

When playing with cryptocurrencies, players do not pay any transaction fees. Crypto transactions are peer-to-peer, so there are no financial intermediaries like banks or credit unions. When you sign up with a provably fair casino, you link your wallet to the casino site. Deposits and withdrawals are made directly from your wallet to that of the operator and vice versa.


Cyber fraud has been a cause for concern in online gambling. Many efforts have been made to curb the presence of crime, but none has achieved the results visible with the provably fair system. The blockchain technology on which these casinos are based eliminates the need for user data and banking information. Hence, it prevents exposure to cyber-attacks.


Provably fair is a set of standards decided a few years ago by the Bitcoin casino pioneers. After Bitcoin became popular in 2012, the term began circulating in the iGaming community, and the future of casino gaming has taken an entirely new turn. Gone are the days when you could get tricked with false promos and adverts. Players now have greater control over their casino experience. Whether you are making inside or outside bets, you can verify the result at the end of each spin with provably fair Roulette.

FAQs about provably fair Roulette

Can I play Roulette at Bitsler casino?

Bitsler casino offers several roulette variants. Players can choose between the classic European table with a single zero (0) or the American table with the added double zero (00). There are also quite a few French Roulette tables to pick from.

Is probably fair Roulette better than regular Roulette?

Probably fair Roulette is similar to regular Roulette. The only difference is that the provably fair technology is embedded in the former. It enables players to verify the randomness of where the ball lands on each round. Whereas with the regular online Roulette, you have to trust that the casino is honest and that the ball landed where it was supposed to.

What are the bet limits on probably fair Roulette?

A perk of Bitcoin and altcoin casinos is that games have high variance betting limits. This is especially true for probably fair Roulette because players can bet as low as a single satoshi and as high as 1BTC or more. Even though betting limits vary from casino to casino, high and low-rollers alike will be very satisfied.

Which Provably fair casino game is the best?

All provably fair games offer the same benefits, including transparency, privacy, security, and fast payouts. With relatively complex games like Blackjack and Poker, it is more complicated to implement the provably fair technology than in Slots and Roulette. However, the best casino game is solely based on personal preference.