Crypto Roulette: Playing Best Online Roulette Games with Bitcoin

If you’re into gambling on Roulette and you’d like to switch up your gaming from regular currency to Bitcoin mode, then you just landed on the right place. With this kind of currency, you can easily move from table to table or from a gambling den to another without worrying about currency conversion fees whether on mobile or via desktop.

In today’s guide you are going to learn more about Roulette, the kind of variants found in crypto casinos and how you can play it without any problems. Likewise, we’ll also cover why it’s easier to use Cryptocurrency while betting on roulette both on mobile and on PCs.

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Types of Roulette you Can Find in Crypto Casinos

Roulette is amongst the most popular casino games. It was born at the start of the 18th century, and it has been evolving ever since. Nowadays, the most popular Roulette offshoots are the American and European kind, especially at online Bitcoin casinos.

The major difference any mobile player notices is the zeros on the wheel of the Roulette. The European version has a single zero while the American one has got two resulting in the changing of the house edge to the player’s favor in the European version. Another main difference between the two is the pockets (slots) within the wheel. The American wheel has 38 pockets on it while the European one has 37.

Apart from the two main Roulette offshoots, modern casinos supporting Bitcoin give players other cool variations that have more features. Examples include: the no zero roulette, progressive roulette, mini roulette and multi-ball versions.

Playing Roulette in Crypto Casinos – A step by step guide

Now that you know the types of roulette that you can bet on with Bitcoin both on mobile and desktop, below is a quick guide on how you can bet on the game like a pro.

Step 1: Depositing- After you create your account at any Bitcoin casino online, you should make a bitcoin deposit before placing real money wagers. The process of loading cash to your gaming bankroll is just similar to what you’ll find at regular casinos

Step 2: Selecting The Roulette Game-From all the roulette games that we have discussed, pick any of them as long as it’s available at the lobby. Ensure that you have read the terms of playing the game as well, including the minimum and maximum betting limits.

Step 3: Placing bets- With everything set in your newly created account, you can now begin playing online roulette. The roulette table and wheel are on display to give you the best betting experience. A number of Bitcoin casinos provide the American roulette game featuring numbers 1 to 36 with extra fields for 0 and 00. Bets can be made on odd/even, red/black, given numerical or large groups diversity such columns square or rows.

All these combinations give you the possibility of choosing your own roulette probabilities of betting and increasing the odds of winning high Bitcoin amounts.

Is there any Difference When Choosing Cryptocurrency While Betting on Roulette?

Not really, the Bitcoin Roulette that is offered by Bitcoin casinos is familiar to the online Roulette games. The one difference is, you’re able to process your deposit and withdrawal transactions faster and more secure through Bitcoin payments.

Why it’s easier using Cryptocurrency to bet on Roulette online

The use of Cryptocurrency betting on Roulette is an obvious choice considering the benefits it offers. These benefits include;

Anonymous: you don’t need to send any documents of yours or even expose your identity to another party that is involved in this process.

Fast Transfers: while bank transfers take days here its only seconds!

Cheap: transfers through cryptocurrencies are virtually free.


With all the above information, we trust that you understand what it will take you to effortlessly play online roulette with Cryptocurrency. Feel free to share this review with your fellow gamers so that they can also realize the benefits of playing roulette with Cryptocurrency both on mobile and desktop.

Crypto Roulette FAQs

What crypto currencies can you use to play roulette?

Basically with all cryptos that the respective casino offers. If you prefer certain cryptos that are only rarely offered, you should choose the casino accordingly. All crypto casinos offer Bitcoin as currency, so this is never a problem. Most others also offer Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum. Not too rarely Litecoin or DogeCoin is also used. With these cryptos you will have no problem finding the right roulette casino.

Is there a bonus for Crypto Roulette?

Roulette is not very suitable for a casino bonus because it is relatively easy to cheat the casino. Casinos then protect themselves by simply prohibiting the bonus in roulette to implement. Or they limit it to 10%. This means that you can only meet 10% of the turnover requirements for roulette. This is basically how it works at Crypto Casinos. So you can’t expect to clear a bonus only with Crypto Roulette.

Which is better: European, French or American Roulette?

This question is easy to answer: the difference between European and French Roulette is practically non-existent. Most crypto casinos today offer European Roulette and nothing else. So it doesn’t matter on which of the two variants you play. The only thing you should keep your hands off is American Roulette. The reason is that it is played with a double zero and the house advantage is much greater. So you will lose much more than with the other variants.

Which strategy works for Roulette?

If you are looking for a roulette strategy, you can find countless of them on the internet. Most of them are based on different theories on how to win money in roulette in the long run or how to gain an advantage over the casino. Unfortunately, it is the case that none of these strategies can work, no matter how sophisticated the theory behind it is. Often you are offered software that analyze past results and try to identify which numbers will appear next. You can forget all this because a normal roulette table has no memory. So there is no way to deduce from past results to future ones.

Is there a No Deposit Bonus for Crypto Roulette?

Normal online casinos often offer a so-called No Deposit Bonus to attract new players. You get a small amount as a bonus – without having to make a deposit. However, you must wager the bonus amount before it can be converted into real money. And this is the problem with Roulette. Because the wagering conditions do not normally count for roulette. Basically, you play with play money that you can only withdraw when you can fulfill the conditions with other games such as slots. And you usually don’t want that when you play roulette.

Are there Crypto Casinos with live dealer roulette?

Yes, there are now many Crypto Casinos that offer live Dealer Roulette. The question is just which one. Because there are big differences from software to software. Leading and known as the best software are for example Netent and Evolution Gaming. Both are in this respect simply qualitatively the best and offer something like Immersive Roulette that promises a lot of action.