Betsoft – An Interview with the Top 3D Slots Developer

Video slot developers don’t get much aggressive in the industry than Betsoft, a company that prides itself on developing casino games that have a bit more graphic appeal.

Founded in 1999, the company’s reach has spread around both Europe and Asia. The company was founded by iGaming veterans; a team composed of mathematicians, psychologists, software developers, audio engineers, graphics designers and gaming specialists who live and breathe casino video slots.

However, it’s some of the secret magicians who work round the clock, 24/7, that gives them an edge over their competition.

To get more information about the company, we had a brief interview with one of the brains behind the exciting and high definition graphics games in a bit to find out what goes on behind the closed doors of Betsoft.

Q:   The games you develop are notoriously quirky. How important is humour in your company’s ethos?

A:             It’s very important, but we don’t usually hire clowns for it! To us, humour is a good sign, a healthy one at that. Imagine sitting at a family dinner without humour. It’s hard imagining Betsoft without it. A sense of humour is an indication of freedom, and we have a lot of artistic freedom.

Q: Your website states “Betsoft’s commitment to excellence has made us a leader in our space”. What changes have you brought to the industry that makes you the leader in your space?

A:             Right from the word go, our main objective has been to influence progress more than change. The online casino industry is already well established, heading in the right direction. However, at Betsoft, our main focus is on the game and the player. The video slot market is full of new games, with some great titles, but most of them lack a genuine passion in them.

We love bringing our real interest into these games to the bettors. This is the reason why we at Betsoft work as a team in developing the games, share our enthusiasm and passion and hope that it reflects in the games.

Q:   You are some of the new players in the game. What are some of the obstacles that you’ve experienced while trying to establish yourselves?

A:             The main obstacle that we face in the industry was dealt with on the first day. Our founders ensured that the team formed worked well before developing the small but very competent team that has now grown to become Betsoft. To get the entire team in place, with different skills, and specialities was definitely the most challenging part – as one can’t just get a functioning and talented team from the local recruitment agency.

Of course, we’ve had other obstacles on the way, and a lot of sacrifices have been made over the past decade in order to make Betsoft what it is today and this one of the reasons why I’m glad I’m part of the team.

Q:   The themes you use for your games are pretty impressive. Where does the inspiration come from?

A:             You tell me! I’ve always been impressed with the references and imagination in our video slots. The team behind the design are true artists, so I can guess that it originates from a mix of various personal experiences in their lives. One example is when one developer was watching the Pirate of the Caribbean movie with his girlfriend and just like that Barbary Coast slot was born.

Q:   Besides 3D graphics, what other features do your video slots possess? Perhaps you’d like to enlighten our readers on the same.

A:             Our focus is on developing exceptional video slots that run just as seamless on the mobile platform just as they do on the PC. These games are compatible with any mobile phone and screen size; these games are developed in HTML5 and flash to work on a whole host of mobile phones – including the older models.

The games also come in different volatilities, themes and payout percentages to suit different budgets and preferred play styles and as such offer fun and captivating experience.

Q:   What’s your personal favourite Betsoft Game?

A:             What a question! It’s like you are asking me to choose my favourite child; I love them all! However, if I’m forced to choose, I’d like to choose Aztec Treasures and Once Upon A Time.

I love Aztec Treasures as it clearly shows how everything works. It’s one of the games that keeps growing in popularity, and in my opinion, this can be attributed to the fact that more and more players are overcoming the initial feeling of uncertainty once they’ve spin the reels for the first time.

I also love Once Upon A Time because it has stayed true to the basic concept of a video slot game, but with the extra ingredients of crisp graphics, fantastic music, and a fairy tale storyline combined to create a superb vibe.

However, with that said already, if you’d ask me this same question tomorrow, I’ll probably pick Frankenslots Monster of House Of Fun.


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For an exceptional gaming experience, Betsoft will never disappoint. The games are multidimensional, with crisp graphics, quality design and captivating storylines for an immersive gameplay. This company has its latest technology – the SLOTS3™ technology – which is defined by richly vivid, true cinematic animation and graphics.

As one of the industry’s top growing company of slot developers, Betsoft is shaping up to become true trailblazers. Developing unique games from time to time and featuring in more and more online casinos. Most importantly, the company delivers quickly and consistently!