Hail To The Mobile Slot Kings! NetEnt In Review

Only a few online casinos are known for developing the games they offer at their websites. Some could think it’s because they lack the finances and technical expertise – but on the contrary, it’s because of the efficiency and structures which exist within the industry that encourage this approach. Initiated by software developers such as Microgaming at the start of the industry, the current trend sees 3rd party software companies developing video slots games and licensing them out to operators, freeing them to do what they do best – run their websites.

While much has been written and said about the grandfathers of online casino software – Microgaming, there’s yet another common name that occasionally pops up in different reviews of the top online casino software developer. This is none other than Net Entertainment, which is commonly referred to as NetEnt.

NetEnt is best known for developing video slot games that hone in quality, both as far as graphics and in-game features are concerned, making their games some of the most played in the industry, attracting a cult following, more especially among slots aficionados.

But how did this company manage to get to such heights and which are some of their top titles? Read on!

A history of NetEnt

The narrative of Net Entertainment is one of gradual growth supported by a robust belief in focusing on the international markets. Even though the company was founded in 1996, it has managed to grow alongside the industry to become one of the top software developers in the world, serving players in the USA, African, Asian, and European continents with games.

Despite opening office in 1996, it wasn’t until 2002 when the first NetEnt casino was launched and it’s successful penetration in the industry saw it being registered on the Swedish stock market in 2009. However, things started taking off at the turn of the decade when the company launched their first mobile friendly game in 2011 and their live dealer games in 2013.

By the year 2014, NetEnt was presiding over more than 21.4 billion transaction, and one year later, they made their debut in the American market. Since then, they have released top notch games such as the NetEnt Rock trio games – Guns N’ Roses, Motor Head, Jimi Hendrix – among others that have seen the company record an upward growth.

Why play NetEnt Slots?

As NetEnt’s slick website design, decorated by cartoony images that wouldn’t be out of place in an exciting cartoon program, should be enough to tell you that the company values quality above anything else!

In simple words, Net Entertainment have already proven enough times that they not only value your experience while playing their video games and have ears everywhere so as to get emerging trends right, but what really distinguishes them from the other companies is the polish they give to their games.

With imaginative and inspired themes, which range from original games to on-target characters and licensed stories all shot through slick animation and eye catching graphics, NetEnt video slots have the ‘look’. But what seals their reputation is their unique responsive gameplay and variety of mini-games and in-game features, which not only ensures you get immersed in the game, but that you are also getting bang for your buck!

Gaming Like Pros: Top NetEnt Video Slots

We’ve gotten to some of the most popular NetEnt video slot games, but first, we have to mention that they have more than 200 game in their portfolio. Now this is a lot to chew, even for those who play quiet often at the casino, and some of these games can help you to easily rake in millions as long as you’ve got a hefty bankroll.

Gonzo’s Quest

This is undoubtedly one of NetEnt’s all-time popular game and takes you on an old school sail in quest for gold. Assuming the role of conquistador Gonzalo Pizarro, you have been invited to follow the trail he left behind and find yourself in the legendary golden city of El Dorado.

This design of this 5-reel by 20-payline video slot game has been perfectly designed to evoke the exotic South American tropical rainforest thanks to the different symbols and background theme that compliments them. Gonzo’s Quest unique feature is the free fall bonus game that enables you to secure a maximum of 10 free spins and a 15× multiplier.

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Bright, colourful and captivating, NetEnt’s Starburst is a simple video slot game but very effective title in the company’s portfolio. As a 5-reel by 10-payline success story that started way back in 2012, the game might have a thin bonus game, but it’s wild is not to be sniffed at; a loud, multicoloured explosion that comes with multiple chances for you to win.

While some of the critics and snobbish veterans might be surprised at the game’s success, players have spoken, and proven beyond any questionable doubt that this slot has hooked itself onto a winning formula.

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Mega Fortune

NetEnt can also be connected to some of the most inspiring and massive wins in recent memory, with three in particular standing out clearly from the rest. All these wins however come courtesy of Mega Fortune, a progressive video slot game.

In January 2013, the game helped a man from Finland score an astonishing €17,861,813.00, while playing the game at one of the top NetEnt casinos. In September 2016, a young Norwegian man won a whooping €4.9 million from this same game.

Overall Impression

NetEnt develops some of the best games in the world. While they have a stellar reputation for excellence in all their products, including mobile slots and their pioneering work with virtual reality slots, NetEnt really comes into its own when they are looking at their video slots. The games are effective, entertaining, captivating and easy on the eye. What’s not to love about them?

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