Online Casino Gaming Meets To Deliver Zero House Edge

Some of you would be very shocked to know that there’s a casino offering a 0% house edge and it remains to be very profitable. If you find this hard to believe, bear with me in this article and find everything out for yourself!

For years now, there has been a strong belief that in the ever growing online casino industry, games remain open to manipulation to favour the owners and key players in the industry. In addition to this, there are questions that remain to puzzle many including:

  • Who really controls online casino gambling as most of the sites are run by the same big organizations
  • How are the games programmed? Is the code for each game fair or can the casino easily alter it?
  • They say the results are usually random, but how are the Random Numbers generated? And who develops these random number generators?
  • What’s the casinos’ house odds or edge…

But the industry is witnessing some remarkable change, which is caused by the blockchain technologies which promise to deliver a new level of accountability and transparency to the industry.

Meet – The Casino That’s Transforming Online Casino Gaming

Edgeless happens to be the first Ethereum based online casino website that discovered a new way of attracting millions of players from across the world without spending millions on advertising. In fact, as the time of writing this brief guide, only Etheroll Casino has a model that’s close to what offers.

And for any enlightened player, especially if you know a thing or two about online casino and gambling, they’ll immediately know that this new kid in the block means business as far as fair online casino gaming is concerned.

What Advantages Does Have Over Other Online Casinos?

There are plenty of advantages that this online casino offers but the most noticeable one is the 0% house edge on all it games. Normally, the traditional online casino websites have a 1-3% house edge, so over time, regardless of how long you play, the online casino will have a small percentage of your wagers.

In addition to the zero percent house edge, the casino also offers all transactions free of any charges, without any delay. This is opposed to the traditional casinos, which in addition to having a small charge on your transaction, it can take between 12 hours to 5 working days to pay out your winnings.

The casino,, also has a random number fairness check, which is the ability to for you, the player, to verify that the games are fair on the blockchain. This is something that has entirely been left on the Random Number Generators.

What is the business model for Edgeless Casino?

As already mentioned, proposes an online casino model that has a 0% house edge for all its games. For online casino games that have a natural house edge (such as Blackjack), the casino adjusts the payouts so that you can earn more.

In case you are wondering how the operator manages to foot its operational costs with such a model, the site earns its profits solely from player errors. The team behind the casino approximate that the actual house edge for Blackjack, considering the player errors, should be approximately 0.83%.

What Can You Do with a 0% House Edge Casino?

As a player, you can capitalize on the platform’s exciting casino games. The site launched its flagship game, Black Jack, which was followed shortly by skill + luck games such as Russian Poker and Lunar Poker. Alongside these three variants, they also plan to run the ‘Edgeless Lounge’, which is a special game that will be reserved exclusively for the EDG token holders.

Where is the casino licensed in?

The cryptocurrency gambling industry reached an important milestone when Casino become the first crypto-based casino to be fully licensed by a recognized licensing body. This legally approved license gives this operator a number of advantages that include:

  • Access to banking services globally.
  • Access to different payment providers to facilitate the exchange of Ethereum
  • Work together with affiliate and media networks to grow the company
  • Secure important partnerships with exchanges
  • Give the platform full access to the online casino industry
  • With the license, the credibility and authority of the casino within the industry is far much better

In simple words, when playing at, you are assured of accessing legal and secure services. Should you want to confirm the legality and licensing details for this casino, you can visit the Government of Curacao official website – which also happened to be the jurisdiction under which Edgeless Casino has been licensed in – and look up for license number 8048/JAZ2020–076, which was issued on 2020–12–22.

The Launch of Edgeless 0.2

Since the licensing and approval of Edgeless casino became official last year, the casino started accepting players as from December 8th. And as a legally approved casino, you must complete the KYC and verification process. This is a prerequisite as the platform is required to prevent underage gambling.

On December 18th, the casino launched their new platform, the New Edgeless Version 0.2 and it incorporated some of the following features to the platform.

  • New player registration and verification
  • Better betting limits
  • Enabled deposits and withdrawals of real EDG
  • The new shapeshift integration that allows you to deposit EDG using other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin

In Other Words… provides you with a chance to play online casino games that have a 0% house edge. As experienced players in this ever-shifting industry, this is such a revolutionary move as it implies that for once, players will play at an online casino that doesn’t have an edge in winning the games they offer. We believe this unique business model will attract more and more players at the casino and those who want to try it for the first time will see a clear cut difference in their earnings.

Edgeless Casino is accessible on both PC and mobile platforms, meaning you can always play the game whenever you are. However, unlike traditional casinos, there hasn’t been any progress made in offering you free to play games, but as the platform advances, we are hoping to see this being incorporated soon.