Provably Fair Casinos and Gambling

Online casinos have had the problem since their inception that many players do not trust them. And yes, it is not always easy to accept that a roulette wheel is not manipulated if there’s a computer behind that wants to make money at the end of the day. And just like that are the RNGs of online casinos. However, they are regularly checked by the authorities. If there are deviations that lie outside the norm, the casino gets problems.

However, it is so that even the most serious licensors have proven from time to time that not all casinos can be fully trusted. It is not as if a casino is guaranteed not to cheat just because it has a license in Malta or the UK.

You can speculate about it for a long time but in the end it doesn’t help: if you don’t want to be cheated by online casinos you should trust in “Provably Fair Technology”.

What is provably fair?

This is a verification of the randomness of a game. You can use it to check in a completely transparent way whether the outcome of a game was fair or not. You take the role of a licensor, so to speak. But you can really check every single outcome and don’t have to look if there is a deviation from the norm after one million games. But that is exactly what a licensor does.

You can do this every time: after every spin of the roulette wheel, after every poker hand, after every spin of a slot machine and after every Blackjack hand.

How does provably fair work?

In principle, quite simple:
You get a token which is nothing more than a snippet of code. The input of the game is stored there, so to speak. For example, how a deck of cards is shuffled or how the reels of a slot machine lie. Based on this, the provably fair casino calculates the result and shows it to you accordingly. You win or lose depending on the course of the game.

Now you can check this result by inserting the token into an online tool like Quickhash. Quickhash then provides you with a token in which the expected result is contained. Now you can compare the result of Quickhash with the result of the online casino and you must come to the same result. Say: The online casino has delivered the result that was expected and did not cheat you.

For which games is provably fair available?

Provably fair casino games are still relatively young. And it’s not as if you can simply make a Netent slot machine provably fair. Basically, you have to program everything from scratch and that’s exactly what few manufacturers have been doing for a few years now. So you will not find a thousand slot machines. Also you will not be able to play all games as provably fair.

Currently, the offer looks something like that: all popular online casino games such as blackjack, roulette, casino hold’em, online poker, etc. are available – at least in one variant. In slot machines there are a few dozen that are provably fair. Especially with slot machines, it will be a long time before a really large selection will be available.

Which casinos are provably fair?

There are on the one hand casinos that are 100% provably fair like Onehash. There you will find no game that is not provably fair. Then again, there are casinos like Bitstarz where a small selection of games – in this case the manufacturer BGaming – is provably fair.

Since the provably fair technology works in the Blockchain, it is precisely the Bitcoin casinos that are leading here. However, there are differences between classic online casinos that just accept Bitcoin and other crypto currencies and the 100% blockchain casinos that offer provably fair games.