Provably Fair Slots

Online gambling is very dynamic, and slots are the game category that reflects this the most. It gives room for casinos to branch out of the conventional. Online casinos run on RNGs that randomly produce outcomes for every spin of the reels. This is what we are made to believe, but how can we be sure that every single outcome is actually random. Casino operators love to have the edge over their games, and they have the power to manipulate RNGs in their favor. So do we take their word for it, or is there a way to confirm that the outcome on a slot machine is truly fair?

What Is “Provably Fair”?

Provably fair is a mathematical algorithm that players can use to verify that a spin of the reels produced fair results and have not been tampered with by the service operator. The blockchain technology brought about the provably fair mechanism. Every event is transparent, and players can understand what happened at the end of the game. The process is divided into three main steps

  1. You play the game, and a token is given
  2. The RNG uses a known algorithm to produce a random outcome
  3. Once the game is over, you receive another token

Now your job is to verify that the starting token matches the final token. If the result deviates, it means that it has been manipulated. Whereas if it doesn’t deviate, it signifies fair play. Casinos tend to keep their software private, so under normal circumstances, you are not able to check slots results.

Playing At Provably Fair Casinos

In a Provably fair casino, the operator offers you a method to confirm the randomness of each spin on a slot machine. Creating provably fair slots is more complicated than the typical kind. However, it appears that players continue to demand provability, and the number of provably fair casinos is on the rise.

  • The first step is to choose a reputable provably fair casino and register on the site.
  • Once your account is up and running, select the slot that you would like to play. Not all games on a provably fair casino may use the technology, but you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one.
  • You will now place your stake and spin the reels. You can play as you usually would. It is the server that does all the work and records the transaction.
  • After the game ends, click on the provability icon, and a new screen should appear on the side.
  • Enter the client seed by picking any number from 1 to 9
  • Click verify and confirm that the final token (server seed) matches the initial token (server hash).

Check Results

If you need further confirmation, you can simply check the results at a third party site.

  • Copy the server seed token to the clipboard and head to the independent testing platform, The server seed is displayed as “Result + Secret.”
  • Paste the token in the input data field and use the SHA-256 calculator from the list of algorithms.
  • Finally, click on Generate and confirm that the output data matches the server hash token on the casino site.

Advantages Of Playing the Provably Fair Way

The provably fair system ensures that neither players nor casinos can know the outcome of a game beforehand. Provably fair is based on the concept of Blockchain, which was first introduced to the gambling world by Bitcoin technology. For that reason, it has many of the benefits of using Cryptocurrency.

Faster Payouts

Almost every provably fair casino uses Bitcoin and other crypto payment methods. Cryptocurrency is the quickest payment solution for online casinos. Compared to the standard casino, which takes days to pay out winnings, deposits and withdrawals with Bitcoin are done almost instantly.

A pure Gaming Experience

Provably fair casinos are the same as the regular casino for all intents and purposes. You get to enjoy the same array of slots and other games, as well as bonuses, and many more features. The only difference is a bit of coding required to ensure maximum openness. Transparent gaming largely favors players. You have a way of assuring yourself that you are playing at a casino that does what it claims. Most importantly, you are sure that the casino can afford to pay you.


Playing a provably fair slot game is more secure than playing a regular online Slot. This is because the provably fair platform doesn’t require any personal or banking details from you. All you need is your username and the address of your cryptocurrency wallet. This way, players are safe from phishing, identity duplication, and other forms of cyber fraud.


Provably fair has the potential to usher in a new era of casino gaming where players have more control. An operator that uses provably fair is guaranteed not to cheat because any attempt to do so will be exposed. Gambling at the right place is crucial not only for your funds but also for a better gaming experience.

FAQs about Provably Fair Slots

Do Provably fair slots exist?

Yes, they do exist. Many provably fair casinos offer provably fair slots with the added functionality to verify the outcome of every spin. These slots are completely secure and impervious to tampering by the casino.

How Do I check that the outcome of a game is fair?

You can confirm the randomness of a game by using the verifier on the casino website, or at a neutral testing platform. Many third-party sites offer this service on the internet.

Does FortuneJack Casino offer provably fair games?

FortuneJack is one of the few online casinos that offer provably fair games. The innovative casino is famous for accepting Bitcoin payments, but it has recently been pioneering the provably fair technology.

What is the difference between a provably fair slot and a regular one?

The main difference between a provably fair slot and a regular slot is the extra bit of coding on the former that enables players to check the results at the end of a game. Asides that, both are essentially the same one-armed bandits that many players love and enjoy.