Funfair Casino – The Fun Way To Win Mind Blowing Bonuses and Prizes Every Day!

We always have that one online casino that’s close to our hearts; the casino where your comfortable acquaintance helps make you feel at ease and home whenever you visit it. However, it’s not uncommon that from time and again, you find yourself searching for a new online casino website to add to your already well-decorated list of websites that you often visit.

This new casino should be in a position to offer you just the exact number of promotions and bonuses, which could see you enjoy yourself for free; offer games that excite you, or having banking options that offer simple, fast, secure and very convenient ways to move your money into and out of your account.

Such a new casino must jump through so many hoops. Yet regardless of whether you are a knowledgeable veteran or new to the online casino industry, you’ll find FunFair Casino the perfect site for all experience levels.

FunFair Casino – What’s it all about?

FunFair Casino is the world’s first Ethereum based online casino. Combining the first of a kind fate channel innovation and Ethereum savvy contracts, this unique online casino offers bettors with a final clubhouse encounter with baffling proficiency, finish straightforwardness and unmatched amusement play.

Thanks to the breakthrough technology FunFair uses, it has become the first ever cryptocurrency casino to solve some of the challenges experienced by other casinos using the blockchain technology.

The casino’s objective is to become a limitless universe of transparent, secure online casino, which players can easily access from wherever as well as offering games that are fun, fair and fast to play. This is why they adopted the name FunFair!

Signing up with FunFair Casino

The FunFair Casino is an all Token affair. The token, which is referred to as the FUN, is used to power every aspect of this Ethereum based online casino. Affiliates and developers will receive their rewards in FUN; players will play and receive their winnings in the form of FUN. The smart contracts that will be used to run the casino, as well as the RNG, will also be in FUN form.

So how do you sign up for this FUN based casino and how/where do you get the FUN token?

Since the website is yet to launch, as it’s in its final stages of development, we believe that it’s going to use the self-sovereign identity technology, which will allow for a safe, private and secure single click sign up. This is information that we gathered from the founder and CEO Jez San.

Once you create an account, you are going to have to purchase the tokens, which you can do by clicking on this link >> Under the page, there are answers to some of the frequently asked questions, including how the fun tokens are created, how to claim fun tokens among other things.

Playing FunFair Casino Games

Before going deeper into the games that are going to be offered at the casino, you need to know that FunFair Casino games are flash based. The casino’s platform is browser-based and utilizes WebGL and HTML5 technology on both desktop and mobile devices to offer rich 3D graphics and to also deliver a highly polished fast and very responsive user experience that you are used to playing on your mobile device.

FunFair Casino will be offering three main games at the time of launch though it plans to beef up the portfolio as time goes by. At the time of writing this article, these are the games that are on display:

  • Video Slots: There are just a handful of games including Classics, Pirates, Once Upon a Time, and To the Stars
  • Card Games: Blackjack, Baccarat, and Three Card Poker
  • Arcade Games: Under this section, they’ve only included Video Poker

To play these game on the Blockchain platform, you have to be connected to the Rinkeby or Kovan Ethereum networks. Otherwise, you can play them straight from your browser through the Local platform.

Advantages of Fun Fair Casinos

Fair Games: Since FunFair uses open source, decentralized technology and Ethereum smart contracts, the casino is going to eliminate any doubt about fair games. Their innovative ‘Fate Channels’ and Random Number Generator will ensure you access a seamless gaming experience, eliminating a number of things in the process including the time you have to wait for the next spin of the slot or next hand of blackjack as well as the transaction fees incurred in the games played.

Pure Entertainment and Fun: As players, we are at the center of everything the casino does, meaning fair games, speedy and better payouts are just some of the few things that we should expect. However, with the team’s combined experience of more than 40 years, they know what to do to deliver a superb game experience. You’ll realize, as we did, that the games are captivating just as they are entertaining to play.

Instant Frictionless Betting: To date, software developers haven’t been able to create blockchain based games that are as fun to play as the regular games. It’s usually frustrating to sit for a minute or longer waiting for a dice to roll as multiple blocks are mined before the results are consequently announced. Yet, this is what’s being offered by blockchain casinos today!

However, with FunFair, this is a problem that they have solved like professions and have a patent waiting to be approved before more games are developed using the same technology.

In addition to the mentioned advantages, FunFair has managed to beat both the traditional and blockchain casinos because the platform incorporates instant gaming to benefit the players not forgetting to mention the low operating costs that see the player receive more rewards and bonuses!